This is my grandma’s dog baby. She is a pitbull. She love love loves kids. She is so playful.
I love baby. Her fur is super duper soft. As a puppy baby was thrown out of a car window on the free way. It is super sad!!!!!! I guess the owners did not like her. So my grandma took her in. I feel bad for baby. I love her!!


Christmas was awesome! I got a sewing machine it is so cool. It has everything a real sewing machine has, it even has a little storage place to keep your little sewing things in. The weird thing is I am better than my Mom and I just started! Isn’t that cool. My family loves to sew it kind of runs in the family. My Great Grandma and my Grandma were seamstress. They were really good. My Grandma sewed a really nice purse, I think she sewed it by hand.

A Poem About Winter!!!!

Winter is beautiful.

Winter is fun.

Winter is a time when you get to play with your friends in the snow.

Winter is the time of year when Santa Clause comes down your chimney.

Winter is when you get to drink hot coco.

Winter is when you get to leave school for 2 weeks.

Winter is the season of my birthday is. ( January 27)

Winter is when the beautiful white snow starts to fall.Maltese Christmas Card - Commons License beautiful-dissaster via Compfight


Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle NYC” href=”” target=”_blank”>Colorful holiday lights at the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle NYC Andrew Dallos via Compfight

title=”Maltese Christmas Card –” href=”” target=”_blank”>Maltese Christmas Card - Commons License beautiful-dissaster via Compfight

About Armadillo Lizards !!


My favorite animal is a Armadillo Lizard. They are super cool. Unlike other lizards this lizard curls up when they feel in danger,and their scales are like a shell when they curl up.

When these lizards die their skin falls off and is in the shape of the lizard as it would be as if the lizard was alive .

Isn’t that gross, cool and weird . Well that’s all I know about Armadillo Lizards!!

About December!!

December is a month where most people celebrate Christmas. Other people celebrate Kwanzaa and Hanukah. The African American people celebrate Kwanzaa. The Jewish people celebrate Hanukah. In December the some Serbian Orthodox people celebrate “Slava” or Patron Saints Day. My Slava is St Nicholas(not Santa)which is December19th. Being that my Slava is during Advent we do not eat meat or dairy on that day. My family and neighbors come over to eat, drink and celebrate with us. On New Years Eve my dad my sister and I stay up late and watch the ball drop. It is a lot of fun and when the ball drops it is cool!
Portland Christmas Tree Lighting Daniel Eynis via Compfight

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